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Akashi Yuzu Japanese Whisky Highball 4pk

Akashi Yuzu Japanese Whisky Highball 4pk


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The iconic Japanese highball is here combined with the classic Japanese culinary flavor of fresh yuzu (1 part whisky : 1 part yuzu juice : 5 parts club soda) for a simple yet uplifting 12-ounce RTD that somehow retains the restraint of the original highball while adding new dimension—we dare you to not delight in each sip. Enjoy ice-cold, either in the can or poured into a tall glass over a large piece of ice.

  • Ready-to-drink Akashi whisky and yuzu canned highball from Eigashima Shuzo in Akashi, Japan

  • Unpeated Akashi blended Japanese whisky is incorporated with fresh yuzu juice and macerated yuzu peel before being filtered and combined with carbonated water

  • Whisky is a blend of non-age-statement malt and grain whiskies distilled from wheat, barley, and rye

  • Fresh yuzu is sourced from Northern California

  • 5 grams of added sugar per can

  • Carbonated and packaged in Camarillo, California

  • A whisper of fresh citrus on the nose blossoms into malted grain bookended by bright yuzu on the palate. A kiss of dimensional citrus—juice and peel—on the finish invites you back for more.

  • 7% ABV

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