Davies County

Davies County Double Barrel Finish 750ML

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The new Daviess County Double Barrel is finished in charred Missouri white oak barrels with toasted heads, complete with a black Ducks Unlimited branded label and a shotgun pun in the name, bottled at the line’s standard 96 proof. “The double-barrel finishing process that goes into Daviess County Double Barrel Bourbon is a perfect nod to our Ducks Unlimited partnership, and it brings a unique flavor profile to our latest Daviess County offering,” said Lux Row Master Distiller Rempe. “Expect a nose that includes crisp, toasted-oak notes, caramel and vanilla; sweet caramel, honey and toasted-marshmallow flavors on the palate, and a finish of caramelized sugar and lingering dark chocolate compliments of the toasted head finish.”