Dos Hombres

Dos Hombres Mezcal Joven 750ml

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What makes two successful American actors take a road trip to one of the most remote villages in Mexico?

Mezcal. Not being drunk on it (at least not at the time) but having a genuine love for the complex character of this relatively obscure spirit. Aaron introduced it to Bryan and soon the longtime friends and co-stars felt compelled to introduce mezcal - tequila's older, tougher, eccentric, but much less famous brother - to a larger audience. 

Putting brilliant unknowns on bigger stages is, after all, an instinct and a pleasure among the gracious people in their industry. And they really wanted to put a spotlight on this odd little gem. 

Aromas of apples and perfectly balanced Espadin agave. Hidden freshness and subtle sweetness of fruit. Hints of sapote fruit. A perfectly balanced, soft hint of the wooden barrels in which Mezcal is fermented with a discreet smoky finish.