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Rare Bourbon & Spirits Collection


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We work hard to be one of the best online liquor stores, that’s why we carry specialist and unique brands that are hard to find anywhere else. Our team is passionate about this fantastic
industry so we spend a lot of time reviewing different liquor options for our shelves online and in store, from rare bourbon to unusual liquor gifts. (It’s tough, but someone has to do it!)

We love our collection of rare and unique finds that we have selected with you in mind – they are ideal for those occasions when you need something that’s a little off the beaten track. We
don’t want you to settle for your tried and tested bottle: come take a look at our amazing selection of California wine and spirits as well as selected items from all over the world.


We have a selection of highly enjoyable cigars – there is something for everyone with brands like Alec Bradley, Padron, Hoyo De Monterrey, Macanudo Cafe, and many more.

In our opinion, a great liquor
needs a great cigar, and we can talk to you about how to pair these fine
delicacies together so that you get the most out of each one. We have something
for every budget and taste.


The Perfect place for those with great taste


We know how crucial it is to have options –after all, there are different tastes, occasions, styles, budgets, and even foods to take into account when choosing a special bottle or the perfect cigar.
As well as uncommon liquor brands, we also
have all of the classic and time-honored spirits that have pleased generations for very good reason. So it doesn’t matter whether your favorite is whiskey or rum, gin, or vodka, we have something for every taste bud and every character.

Whether you would like to shop online to receive a special liquor store delivery, Buy Bourbon Online or you would prefer to come see our smiling faces at our San Diego store, we are on hand and happy to help.
Don’t be shy: if you need any advice on what drinks or cigars to try next, get in touch!

Get the best selection of liquor & Cigars in California

Sam Liquor & Cigar No.1 Retail Store in California

Whether you’re in the market for whiskey, vodka, gin, or another spirit, we have exactly what you’re looking for at Sam Liquor & Cigar. With the best selection of liquor in California, we have everything you need to stock your bar or help you host a party. We offer a wide variety of liquors, including: Whiskey, Vodka, Bourbon, Tequila, Scotch And more!

We carry top brands in every category, making it easy for you to find the quality liquor you’re looking for. Plus, we offer competitive prices and a friendly, knowledgeable staff that is happy to help you with your purchase.

Sam Liquor & Cigar is a premium liquor and cigars Store in Santee, CA offering affordable prices on liquor, wines, beers, other spirits and cigars for every taste and budget.
If you're looking for a great cigar, look no further than our selection at Sam Liquor. We have something for everyone with brands like Alec Bradley, Padron, Hoyo De Monterrey, Macanudo Cafe, etc.

If you want spirits dropped right to your door, then we can provide a fair and easy to use delivery service. We simplify the process of getting your firsthand something a little different. Perhaps you have a special occasion coming up, or you simply just want to change it up from the usual brands you buy at the supermarket. We give you better choice, excellent variety, and extremely fair costing and pricing.

This means you can get your hands on a quality bottle of spirit of your choosing. It could be your go-to classic, a slight variation, or a bottle that you have never seen before in your life. Whatever you see in our excellent collection, you can have it ordered and delivered ASAP!

Of course, be sure to check out our local store in Santee, San Diego, if you want to have an in-person browse. If you need any help at all with making an order on our website, or want more information on a specific product, then just reach out. The Sam Liquor team will be all too happy to answer your questions, give you advice, and provide you with insight into exactly what you are buying.

With excellent value for money, fair delivery prices, and tremendous selection, you should have no problem enhancing your liquor selection with our options. So, if you are looking for top-class San Diego spirits for sale, our excellent variety should give you no shortage of choice.

P65 WARNING: Drinking distilled spirits, beer, coolers, wine and other alcoholic beverages may increase cancer risk, and, during pregnancy, can cause birth.

Looking for quality spirits rare and classic alike?

When you want to have a good time and relax, it can be hard to find the right means or way to do so. At Sam Liquor, though, we know the importance of having options. Turning to the same old bottles of spirit every time you fancy a tipple is not very enjoyable, right? Well, you can find great alternatives with our collection. We have numerous spirits for sale in San Diego that you can buy. Whether you choose to shop online with us and buy your online spirits in San Diego or you want to shop locally, we are happy to help. Our liquor store in Santee, the Santee Mini Market, carries a great deal of high-class spirits. If you are looking to make a quick order online, though, we have exactly what you are looking for here! Take a look at our veritable and diverse range of online spirits for sale, and you can easily pick out something different. We carry all of the classic and standard spirits you might be looking for. Whether you prefer whisky or rum, gin, or vodka, we have something for every personality. We also carry specialist and unique brands that you will not find in other liquor stores. Our team have a passion for this industry, and we spend a lot of time reviewing and looking into different liquor options. We try our hand at many different liquors, and we stock those that we know our clientele would enjoy. With that in mind, if you need any advice or insight into which spirits to try, search for the nearest liquor store and find Sam Liquor & Cigars store or contact us. We can always provide advice based on your tastes and interests!