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10 Spooky Cocktails to Celebrate Halloween

California Liquor Store offers a premium spirit brands that brings your favorite liquor, cocktails, and wine to you. The California Liquor Store is your one-stop shop for all your Halloween drink requirements, with a wide variety of both mainstream and obscure hard liquor.
You need saucy or spooky? It seems like a waste to choose one over the other. Glow-in-the-dark Halloween cocktails from California Liquor Store could be the only thing scarier than your Guy Fieri costume. Get some Halloween punch mix from a California liquor store and serve it as guests arrive, or try some poison apple drinks or black magic margaritas while you hand out treats to trick-or-treaters.
You'll want to have enough Halloween-themed snacks and sweets on hand to wash down all of these drinks. Looking for great pumpkin carving ideas? In our California liquor store, we have a wide variety of pumpkin carving suggestions for you to choose from. You must have enough Halloween snacks to counteract the "tricks" from trunk-or-treating.
California Liquor Store offers premium spirit brands, and here are 10 of their most popular drinks that will never go out of style.


Boozy Screamsicle Shakes

Boozy Screamsicle Shakes - Halloween Cocktail - Sam Liquor & Cigars Store
Are you ready for Halloween? These tasty (and alcoholic) shakes will have everyone gathered in the yard. And if Creamsicle culture is your life, what more could you want? You should have to order a slice of our Creamsicle cheesecake.


Poison Apple Cocktails

Poison Apple Cocktails - Halloween Cocktail - Sam Liquor & Cigars Store
The edible glitter is the main attraction of this beverage. We can't get enough of it. Warning: a cocktail shaker isn't necessary, but a blender will do the trick if you want the glitter to have that crazy swirly appearance.

Bloody Mary Syringes

Bloody Mary Syringes

During the Halloween season, nothing beats these shooters for a creepy drink. A little gore at the Halloween party wouldn't hurt, right? These are very delicious when paired with eyeball spaghetti.

Black Magic Jell-O Shots

Black Magic Jell-O Shots
These shots, which have a purple base and a black top, are excellent for a frightful Halloween get-together. Do you need a little something to munch on while you shoot? Prepare this mummy brie, which will make you the center of attention.


Brain Big Batch Jell-O Shot

To start off your Halloween party, try this alcoholic brain. What a jello slug! This large jello shot will surely be a hit at the party!
Drunken Peanut Butter Cups

These peanut-butter-cup-inspired martinis are made by infusing vodka with Reese's Pieces. When combined with this, a chocolate martini becomes extraordinary.

Jekyll & Gin

Before the drink ever enters your system, this beverage will screw with your brain. This cocktail variation of the Gin Daisy appears coral in natural light and white under black light.

Sour Patch Jell-O Shots

Like the iconic candy, the sourness of these shots subsides just as the sweetness sets in. Do you want to have even more bittersweet fun? Next, have one of our alcoholic watermelon slushies.


Black Magic Margaritas

In search of a spooky drink for Halloween? Our traditional margarita has been given a frightening Halloween twist. Your guests will be completely taken aback.


Witches' Brew Lemonade

We topped sparkling lemonade with Blue Curacao and purple gin for a chilling effect, giving it an eerie light that seems like it came directly from a cauldron. And the good news is, they taste fantastic.
These cocktails are made from premium spirit brands and are available in our California liquor store.

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