4 of the Best Drinking Games You Can Play with Your Friends

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4 of the Best Drinking Games You Can Play with Your Friends

Drinking games are a great way to have some fun with your friends. There are many different types of drinking games you can play, including but not limited to beer pong, quarters, and flip cup. The key ingredient for all these games is good-quality liquor. To help inspire you, here are four of the best drinking games that you should play at your next party.

1. Beer Pong

No drinking game is more famous than beer pong. There are plenty of variations out there, but this is one of the most popular games to play when it comes to get-togethers.

The idea is simple - create teams of two or three people and stand across with a table in the middle. Each team gets 10 cups filled with equal parts liquor and water (usually beer). The game starts by trying to bounce the ping pong ball into your opponent's cup. If successful, they must drink the contents of that cup and flip it over.

2. King's Cup

This is another popular drinking game gaining popularity in recent years. King's Cup is played with a deck of cards. All face cards (kings, queens, jacks) are removed, leaving only Aces and numbers 2-10 remaining. Whoever draws the joker card must do a shot of liquor before the game begins.

The leader starts by drawing cards until there are four in their hand. The next person follows suit. If they have an Ace or a number between 2-10, they may put down one card face up. If they draw a face card, they have to take a shot. The true beauty of this game lies in the rules.

3. Quarters

Another popular game that has been around for decades is known as Quarters. This is one of the simplest drinking games you can play with your friends. Quarters is played using a glass, shot glass, and a quarter.

The game begins by placing the empty glass on top of the shot glass. The first person bounces the quarter off the table to land inside both glasses. If they can successfully do this, they can pass both glasses over to their opponent for them to drink. The game is over when one person makes a mistake.

4. Flip Cup

A game that will get the adrenaline pumping is Flip Cup, also known as speed cup. You can play this game with any number of people, usually 4-10 per team. Each team has its own table filled with cups containing varying amounts of water and liquor. One player stands on each side of the table with their team's cups.

The game begins when everyone yells "Go!" and players race to drink all of the water in their cup, flip it over, and bounce the quarter into it. They must do this without spilling any liquid. Once successful, you can move onto your opponent's cup to do the same.


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