6 Novelty Bottles That Actually Taste As Good As They Look

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6 Novelty Bottles That Actually Taste As Good As They Look

Hardy souls seek out new and different types of liquor to test their intestinal fortitude, experience a new burning sensation, and challenge their palate. Bravery is measured by what you drink for recreational purposes, with only the weak sticking to wine or gluten-free beers.

Seasoned liquor connoisseurs know that the best offerings can’t be found at your local supermarket.

For most people, the Earth's ends don't get far enough to satisfy their appetites. Still, nothing is too odd for the burnt-out souls who seek out novelty liquors made from plants. If you're in the market for something novel, you've come to the right place. Let's dive in with a list of six novelty liquor bottles curated by the passionate Sam Liquor staff.

1.   Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select

Frank Sinatra was Jack's biggest fan, and the Tennessee whiskey brand couldn't help but give one of America's greatest icons a fitting tribute. This offering is made with unique "Sinatra Barrels," which are made with deep grooves that are designed to expose the whiskey to more layers of oak. This exposure adds a rich amber color and a bold character to the drink, and it's topped off with a smooth vanilla finish.

2.   Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Barrel proof allows the taste and aroma of Bourbon to be experienced in its natural state. With each bottle hand-labeled with its unique batch number and proof, you'd be hard-pressed to find a bottle as unique and satisfying as this.

3.   Johnnie Walker Blue Label "California Edition" Scotch Whisky

The California Edition of Johnnie Walker Blue Label is a limited-edition bottle that captures the essence of California. This unique blend is made from some of Scotland's most exceptional and rare whiskeys. Only a small number of ten thousand barrels can produce the flavor and quality characteristics that make Johnnie Walker Blue Label an extraordinary drink.

4.   Jameson - Bow Street 18 Yr Cask Strength

This special blend of Irish whiskeys was aged for over two decades at the Midleton distillery. It's the rare release of this type of whiskey that's bottled annually at cask strength.

5.   Yamato Mizunara Takeda Shingen Edition Oak Cask Japanese Whisky


liquor pouring on a clear shot glass

Due to the preference of Japanese consumers for a smoother and less-smokey version of whisky, the country's master distillers worked incredibly hard to create a product that's regarded as one of the best in the world.

6.   Little Book Chapter 3: The Road Home

The third entry in Freddie Noe's Little Book series is a straight bourbon whiskey featuring a limited-edition blend of four different types of whiskeys, which were all created by Booker Noe. These include Knob Creek aged nine years, a Booker's Bourbon, and a Baker's Bourbon.

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