An Essential Guide to Enjoying Your Favorite Spirits

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An Essential Guide to Enjoying Your Favorite Spirits

After a long day of work, nothing beats coming home and pouring yourself a shot of your favorite spirit.

It doesn't matter if you like it neat or on the rocks, the sensational relaxation that creeps throughout your body after downing the said drink is incomparable.

Don't forget the crush of intense exotic aromas and flavors that swirl your senses as the liquid touches the tip of your tongue. First comes the whiff of spicy, woody notes, then follow the Intricate honey, nut, and vanilla flavors.

Whether you drink to relax after a tiring day or love brewing eclectic cocktails for your friends, a diverse collection of premium liquor can surely come in handy.

Sam Liquor Store is here to ensure that. We stock up on rare and unique spirits to sate all liquor connoisseurs.

That's not all. Our collection of top-range cigars will tingle your taste buds with the characteristic leathery-spicy notes, a common trait of well-cured tobacco.

To help you truly appreciate these flavors, we've prepared this guide to give you some tips and tricks on how to savor your liquor.

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How to Drink Rare & Unique Spirits

Trust Sam Liquor to have your back if you want premium spirits at your doorstep. We stock up on uniquely exciting liquor that is both rare and of excellent quality.

Browse through our Rare & hard-to-find liquor brands collection to pair up with an elegant bottle of your favorite liquor.

Rare and unique spirits are perfectly aged to acquire a sensational taste and aroma profile. So when you drink it, pay close attention and take in all these carefully infused notes. The last thing you need is an alcohol burn that will leave you with a bad experience.

To avoid any mishaps, follow the highlighted steps.

Swirl and Sniff

Swirl the drink slightly in your glass before bringing it to your nose and sniffing while keeping your mouth ajar. 

This will allow you to take in all the sweet alcohol aromas without that irritating liquor scotch.

If your drink of choice is the Hibiki Japanese Harmony Whisky, you'll catch the enticing notes of marmalade and orange blossom bolstered by spiced clove and cinnamon notes.

Contrarily, Hennessy Paradis Imperial Cognac will give off voluptuous summer flower aromas highlighted by jasmine notes.

Taste the Drink

Tasting premium liquor will give you a better understanding of how all the different flavors blend.

To taste the liquor, take a sip and spread it through your mouth. This will engage all your taste buds and enable you to pick all the individual flavors.

After this, you can swallow the drink and breathe out through your nose to continue enjoying the different flavors.

Blood Oath Pact No. 8 Bourbon Whiskey Finished in Calvados Casks comes with a blend of flavors from slight apple notes to the characteristic cinnamon and vanilla flavors.

If you're looking for something sweet and tangy, go for E.H. Taylor, Jr. Small Batch. The bourbon features a mingle of butterscotch, licorice, and sweet caramelized corn flavors.

Adjust to Your Liking

Tasting your drink will enable you to gauge whether or not you'll be able to down the drink as is. But, of course, if the burning sensation is too intense, you can always add a splash of water or mix the shot of alcohol to the cocktail of your choice.

How to Drink Our Collection of Robust Tasting Tequila Brands

Sam Liquor Store stocks up on the top shelf bourbon brands.

To truly enjoy tequila's fruity, sweet flavor, we look to the land of its origin, Mexico, to learn the sophistication and mastery Mexicans implement while enjoying the delightful drink.

Let's elevate your drinking experience with alternative tips if you think tequila shots are all the rage.

But first, here are some tips for choosing and serving tequila:

  • Color is irrelevant. Some people believe the brown or gold tequila to be of better quality than the silver or white variety. 
  • This couldn't be further from the truth. In reality, the quality of tequila is determined by its purity, meaning it should be made from 100% agave and aged well.

  • Tequila should be made with 100% agave. Pure tequila is made from the fermented juice of the agave plant. 
  • Serve tequila at room temperature. Tequila, like wine, is an artisanal drink meant to be savored. So serve it in a snifter at room temperature to enjoy the full range of flavors.
  • Take Out Your Snifter

    Authentic tequila made from 100% agave has a sensational taste and flavor profile meant to be savored in a snifter or glass.

    MI Familia Flores Tequila Anejo Cristalino is an excellent example of such a tequila. The tequila is aged to perfection in an oak barrel. It features a mingle of intense flavors of aromatic herbs, cooked agave, and charming, sweet caramel scents.

    If you're looking for an alternative flavor, try the Tres Agaves Organic Reposado Tequila. This award-winning tequila is perfect for sipping on a slow afternoon. It features robust baked tropical fruit flavors highlighted by oak barrel flavors and sharp lime notes.

    Mellow the Flavor With Lime and Salt (Optional)

    Both Tres Agaves Organic Reposado Tequila and MI Familia Flores Tequila Añejo Cristalino are pure. They come highlighted with flavor notes that pack some serious punches.

    You can dip a lime in salt and suck on it after a sip to mellow down these flavors.

    Chase With a Sangrita for Authenticity

    As far as Mexicans are concerned, the best chaser to pair with your shot of tequila will be Sangrita.

    Sangrita is a heavy citrus drink made from powdered chilies, lime, orange, and pomegranate juice.

    To chase tequila with Sangrita, pour it into a separate glass. You can then sip the Sangrita between sips of tequila to bring out the peppery notes in tequila and cleanse your palate for the next tequila sip.

    Cocktail Lovers Whip up a la Paloma

    If you're looking for an authentic tequila cocktail, whip up a la Paloma. The tequila cocktail is made by mixing equal portions of grapefruit soda, lime, and tequila.

    For extra pizzazz, you can spread some salt on the rim of your glass or add a lemon wedge.

    Treat Yourself to a Premium Collection of Liquor 

    Sam Liquor is your best bet if you're on the hunt for a California Liquor Store that can deliver premium spirits at your doorstep.

    Our online liquor store features a collection of rare & unique spirits, the broadest range of quality tequila brands, an exclusive wine collection, and a line of premium cigar collections.

    Please browse through our online liquor store and experience the delight in varieties of premium spirits.

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