Can Cocktail In A Can Compete with Its Freshly Poured Counterpart?

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Can Cocktail In A Can Compete with Its Freshly Poured Counterpart?

You've probably noticed the canned cocktail boom, whether you're at the grocery or scrolling through Instagram ads. These drinks, which include Old Fashioneds, Palomas, and also boozier beverages like the Negroni, both offer assurance and convenience that you won't get left with batches of drinks that have been botched.

Since we don’t always have the time to prepare a proper cocktail, especially when it comes to a mojito, many enthusiasts wonder if these new outcroppings of beverages are actually worth it. In this blog, we dive deep to answer just that. Let's get started!

What’s Driving Cocktail in a Can Popularity?

Cocktails in a Can now come mixed with real rum and tequila, which is not the case with the malt liquors commonly featured in Mike's Hard Lemonade and Zima.

The goal of brands like Crown Royal is to convince enthusiasts that these drinks aren't like the malt beverages of a bygone era. They're part of a new generation of cans that promise a more authentic and flavorful drink experience.

Due to the rise seen in ready-to-drink brands, various types of libation have been transformed into canned drinks, with varying degrees of success. These types of beverages have saturated the market. Last June, Coca-Cola partnered with Brown-Forman to create a whiskey-and-Coke cocktail, which shows the potential in these offerings and how they're disrupting the market.

Are They For You?



Cocktails In A Can have taken over the market for a reason; they provide a great experience with convenience and versatility in flavors. These variants provide an excellent alternative for those who can't always go to the bar to have their favorite concoction.

Crown Royal, for instance, has a wide range of canned cocktails that have received acclaim from enthusiasts and garnered a cult following. Their Apple, Peach, and Cola flavors provide an exceptional alternative to conventional cocktails.

Sam Liquor Club Offers Classic Drinks for All Occasions

While not all Cocktails in a Can are as good as they may seem, this latest addition to the industry is one most welcomed by enthusiasts. When it comes to spirits for cocktails, the general rule of thumb is to use the best booze you can get your hands on. Our California liquors boast a wide offering of quality tequila brands and fine vodka brands delivered at home. It doesn't stop there.

Sam Liquor Store is here for everything from light beer to decadent cognac and Cocktails In A Can. our Online Liquor Store in California to get in touch with a member of our team to find out if we deliver to your address.

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