Cherries, Peaches, Or Butter Pecan: The Beginner's Guide To Moonshine

The battle between vodka and whiskey always comes up when choosing strong beverages. Both of these types offer varying degrees of strength, and they can easily knock you over with their sweet and smooth flavors. Our experts took a closer look at both, and came up with an interesting verdict. Let's dive in!

Alcohol Content

Unaged and strong, moonshine has a significantly high alcohol content of over 95%. It's usually bottled at 125 proof. Manufacturers process rectified spirits at least three times before they are filtered and ready for sale or consumption.


Like other spirits, vodka goes through germination. Manufacturers then ferment the various components before starting the distillation process. Unlike traditional whiskey, which is made from a combination of grains and corn, vodka is not aged. This ensures that its strong and sweet flavors remain intact.

Flavor & Taste Profile

Compared to vodka, which is made from a combination of grains and corn, the flavor profile of moonshine is more potent. It's also sweeter due to the corn mash. Although the label moonshine might imply that it's a more potent type of whiskey, vodka is made from different ingredients such as potatoes, wheat, rye, and grapes.

It is filtered and distilled a lot to increase its alcohol content. Some of its real flavors have disappeared as a result of this process. Some variants also have additives to enhance their viscosity and taste.

Value & Price


Mixing Vodka with Moonshine


Although the prices of vodka and other liquors vary from one another, the difference between the two is still significant. For instance, a 750 ml bottle of vodka can be priced at around $11.98 to $35. On the other hand, a gallon of moonshine can be purchased for around $40.

Mixing Moonshine with Vodka

Since both vodka and moonshine are clear spirits, it's not surprising that they can be mixed together. Although vodka and moonshine have different ingredients, they go through the same distillation process. When mixed with other ingredients, these two types of liquors can produce a stronger drink or beverage.

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