Liquor 101: 3 Types of Spirits You Must Know About

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Liquor 101: 3 Types of Spirits You Must Know About

Everyone has their go-to drink. You walk into a bar, you don't feel like browsing the menu, you just want a drink, so you'll go with ol’ reliable. The thing is, bars and clubs are generally overpriced, so it makes sense that you wouldn't want to overpay for an experiment. However, you can now sample the choicest California Liquors right at home.

Coupe glasses with tequila, neat

Sam Liquor Store has everything from piney and citrus-infused Cash Money Tropical IPAs to the crisp and collectible Woodford Reserve Whiskey Baccarat Edition. If there was ever a time and place to be adventurous, it would be at home, where you can pour one out anytime.

When you can get a top-notch range of whiskey brands at your doorsteps, why would you play it safe? To find your perfect drink, you have to try it all, and you should. So invite your friends, grab some carb-heavy snacks,  and host your own degustation. For the drinks, here are some spirits that both the beginner and the veteran should try:

1. Hendrick's Gin: Smooth Like Copper

No one makes gin like Hendricks. This Carter-head-made spirit goes through a copper basket and combines classic and contemporary in one silken sip. With added flavors of rose and Persian cucumber, an uncompromised juniper berry nose, and a salted lime-orange tartness, this is a drink that was made to be had neat.

However, it does make an inimitable impact on the palette of a cocktail:

  • The G and T
  • A Negroni — Campari And Coppered Juniper Are Lovers Reunited
  • The Greatest Gimlet of All Time
  • A Martini, But Make It Dirty
  • The Leap Year Cocktail

2. Skelly Tequila Blanco: Salt, Pepper, And A Little Bit Of Leather

Coming right from the heart of tequila country, in a hand-painted clay bottle that screams collectible, this one is trouble. With a clean taste and no burn, you could take a swig of this earthy pineapple drink, agave nose and all. Instinct might tell you to break out the limes and pour the salt, but don't be fooled by the novelty packaging. This is a sipping spirit.

3. Glenfiddich 12: The Malty Mineral Orchard

It's got a Scottish name and many awards, but does the single malt measure up? You'll have to try it for sure, but the secret to its success is that it's an easy, playful, and non-peated spirit, and it's drunkenly delicious. With buttery, grassy notes and a honeyed finish and whispers of sherry, you can serve it on the rocks, or you can make a hot toddy that tastes like a moonlit summer night.

 A whisky in a lowball glass

When it comes to spirits, you have to have a favorite, and it's a crime to wait too long to find it. Sam Liquor Store brings the widest range of famous quality tequila brands and the finest variety of vodka delivered to your home. So order the classics, or peruse the rare and the premium to please your most discerning dinner guests.

At our store, you'll find the perfect nightcap, mimosa champagne, and more. Click here to find out if we deliver to your address.

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