The Major Differences between Rum & Brandy

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The Major Differences between Rum & Brandy

People drink alcohol for various reasons. The primary purpose is to feel good and relaxed. Alcohol by nature is a depressant; it calms you down and relaxes your muscles. Besides, when consumed more, it blurs your ability to think clearly.

Although there are many types of alcoholic drinks. These drinks mainly vary in terms of alcohol concentration, manufacturing process, purity, and base ingredients. Rum and brandy are also two prominent types of alcoholic drinks, varying slightly in nature.

In this blog, we are going to list down the major differences between rum and brandy.

What’s Rum?

Rum is a type of liquor made from fermented sugarcane juice. It is manufactured by using the process of distillation. When sugarcane juice is fermented, it converts into a thicker and more concentrated liquid. The concentrated liquid undergoes the distillation where the liquid is purified using cooling and heating methods. The distilled liquid that we get in the end is rum. There are several types of rums, including white rum, golden rum, dark rum, and aged rum.

What’s Brandy?

Brandy is made from distilled wine. It contains 35%–60% of alcohol. Brandy is consumed as an after-dinner treat. It is made by fermenting wine or fruit mashes. Grapes are the most commonly used fruits in the production of brandy. They take their names from the specific fruit mashes they’re made from.

The manufacturing involves fermenting fruit into wine. The wine is then distilled using different heating and cooling temperatures to enhance the flavor and concentration of alcohol.

Here’s how brandy differs from rum.

Primary Ingredients

Rum and brandy have different primary ingredients. Rum is a type of liquor that is made after fermenting and distilling sugarcane juice, therefore it has sugarcane as the primary ingredient. In contrast, brandy is a type of distilled wine that is produced by fermenting different fruit mashes. There are many types of brandies depending upon the type of fruits used.

Alcohol Concentration

Brandy and rum also differ in terms of alcohol content. Rum is hard liquor with an alcohol concentration ranging between 37.5%–80%. In contrast, brandy is lighter with an alcohol concentration ranging between 35%–60%.

Place of Origin 

Initially, brandy was produced in ancient Greece and Rome. Whereas, rum has its origin in the Caribbean regions.


Brandy is graded into V.S., V.S.O.P, X.O and Hors d’âge. However, rum is graded into premium rums, flavored rums, gold rums, spiced rums, and light rums.

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