The Ultimate Guide to Building an Excellent Wine Collection

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The Ultimate Guide to Building an Excellent Wine Collection

Trying to build a wine collection? You don’t have to be a connoisseur to build an excellent wine collection.


Collecting wine is a recreational hobby for some and a great opportunity for many to showcase their love of wine.

Here are five tips that’ll help you create the best wine collection in the world:


Tip 1: Broad Collection

Many famous wine regions across the United States produce some of the finest wines. However, many other sources also produce great wines and are definitely worth your money and attention.


Therefore, remain open to trying other brands that you might not have heard about. That’s how you can discover hidden treasures.


Tip 2: Look Outside Classic Regions

The Napa region is home to some of the most delicious red wines worldwide, but it’s good to explore other regions that produce Cabernets too.


Try considering Paso Robles, Sonoma, or even Mendocino. When grown in the right place and cared for well, the end product can be quite magical.


Tip 3: Price Doesn’t Always Equal Quality

As humans, we’re conditioned to believe that a higher price means higher quality. However, that’s not always the case. There are many amazing and broad ranges of wine that are available at an affordable price point.


Based on your budget and the elements that you truly value, there’s a lot the world has to offer, and you don’t have to shell out thousands of bucks on a bottle of wine.


Tip 4: Always be Prepared for Wine Emergencies

Wine emergencies are real, and they can become quite a problem. Maybe you have an impromptu dinner party that requires many reds, or your friends came over unannounced with food, and you need a good wine to pair it with.


As a savvy wine collector, you should have options ranging from different price points and quality that suit different meals. For special occasions, keep some long-term aged wines in stock and short-to-medium term aged for other occasions.


The key here is to find the balance so that you can enjoy your wines for every occasion.


Tip 5: Wines Aren’t Celebrities

Yes, there are some famous names in the world of wine, such as Napa cult, Cabernets, and First Growths. But wines aren’t celebrities, so they don’t always have to be out of the famous lots. While we do agree that these wines are famous for a reason, it’s just that you shouldn’t limit your world to them only.


Every day new wine collections are being introduced that are made of the finest grape varieties and aged with love. Build a wine collection that features some of the most popular wines and some underrated ones as well. This way, you’ll get  to taste and savor some of the best wines in the world!


Man exploring a wide range of wines


Keep in mind that you cannot build the best wine collection in days. It takes time, sometimes years, to truly build a collection that you’ll love. From exploring different vineyards to finding new references, it’s a game of patience. However, if you’re really keen on discovering some of the finest rare gems, Sam Liquor Store is the place for you.


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