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1792 Bourbon Small Batch 750ML

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  • WHY: 1792 is hands down one of the creamiest and most supple Bourbons on the market today, made in a crowd-pleasing style that combines vanilla and candy corn sweetness with a soft and smooth character that finishes with plenty of rye spice.
  • HOW: 1792, or Barton Distillery in Bardstown, KY is owned by the Sazerac company along with its sister distillery Buffalo Trace. Much like with Buffalo Trace, Sazerac doesn’t release the mashbill recipe for any of the 1792 Bourbons, but we know they have a penchant for fine whiskey making and the quality shows in the Bourbon’s balance.
  • WHAT: Barton distillery is the oldest operating distillery in Bardstown, KY, the spiritual home of Bourbon tradition. Founded in 1879, the distillery produces a local label called Very Old Barton which has long been a mainstay value brand in the region. The 1792 Small Batch Bourbon is bottled at 46.85% ABV.