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Black Tot Master Blender's Reserve Rum 2022

Black Tot Master Blender's Reserve Rum 2022

Black Tot Rum

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Black Tot Day 2022 marks the third iteration of our annual Master Blender’s Reserve, an ever-evolving perpetual blend crafted by our Master Blender, Oliver Chilton.

For this year’s blend, we drew inspiration from historical rums in our collection and the unique flavour profiles they exhibited over half a century ago. These rums, since lost in the rum world, were rich with notes of baked banana, dusty chocolate, mocha milkshakes, honey, tobacco, leather, liquorice, and spice. These flavours were mapped out and became our guide.

We began as always with rum drawn from our perpetual blend - our Master Blender’s Reserve from last year, which has been ageing in Sherry casks since last Black Tot Day.

Casks were then selected from Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica, and Trinidad, that showcased the elements needed to recreate these traditional flavour profiles.

These four unique country blends were then brought together and married with our perpetual reserve and some original British Royal Navy rum, layered and perfectly balanced to bring you Master Blender’s Reserve 2022.

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