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Bluecoat Limited Edition Elderflower Gin

Bluecoat Limited Edition Elderflower Gin

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The infusion of organic elderflower through a maceration process gives our classic American Dry Gin a light floral taste and heady fragrance.

On their own they were farmers, doctors, blacksmiths and lawyers, united by a common cause: to make this country free from the unbearable and unfair practices of the British crown. They took up arms and became known as “Bluecoats.” They fought long and hard to eventually win their freedom, several years before the notion of an independent, United States of America became a reality.

In their fight for freedom, the courageous men and women of the Revolutionary War took great pride in their rebellion and gave birth to a nation. Their spirit, indomitable energy, opposition to the status quo, and aspiration for a better tomorrow has guided this nation since its inception. 

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