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Chacolo Brocha

Chacolo Brocha


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"Chacolo" is a very special “mezcal”, currently produced by the 5th generation of the Partida family in the open fields, under the volcanoes of Zapotitlán de Vadillo, located above Colima in Jalisco. Despite it’s proximity, it cannot be called “tequila” and yet cannot technically go by “mezcal”- though that’s what they’ve always called it. The Partida family is wholly un-phased by this. They keep the things that make these spirits so noteworthy, utilizing twelve different Agave angustifolia and one Agave rhodacantha, only producing ~2,000 liters through January and to the end of May, annually. Further commitment is seen in their practice by "capón", where the maestro castrates the agaves developing quiote, refocusing the agave's end-of-life efforts back into the plant. Most capón you will hear about are typically only left for a matter of months, whereas the Partida take the time to leave the agaves capón for up to four years. They do not rush any step in their process, from extra-long fermentation times in cool underground volcanic rock wells - to double distilling in hollowed out Parota tree trunk still heads. These mezcales are not only delicious and worthy of your immediate enjoyment but also can be seen as something to collect, as no volume is ever quite the same.

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