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Cutwater Mezcal Reposado

Cutwater Mezcal Reposado

Cutwater Spirits

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The rocky arid region of Durango, Mexico is a picture of a forgotten time with wild Maquey Cenizo (Agave durangensis) dotting the landscape. Scorpions and owls, symbols of defiance, solitude, and wisdom have colonized this horse wilderness in much the same way as the agave. It’s here that we distill our Mezcal by roasting the agave in traditional volcanic rock pit ovens. The open fermentation allows the area’s wild yeasts to naturally inoculate the sweet agave most. The spirit is then rested in Cutwater whiskey barrels that we ship to Durango from our San Diego distillery. Hints of smoke from the cooking process blend perfectly with the spirit’s deep agave character which is further complemented by the vanilla and oak brought out by barrel aging.

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