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Hennessy VSOP Chinese New Year 2020 by Zhang Huan

Hennessy VSOP Chinese New Year 2020 by Zhang Huan

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The 2020 Chinese New Year is particularly special because it marks the start of a new cycle with the Year of the Rat. In that spirit, the Maison Hennessy for the first time commissioned a monumental work of art, called Eaux-de-vie, from Zhang Huan in addition to a design for its special Chinese New Year editions of the Hennessy collection.

Based on a selection of firmly structured eaux-de-vie, aged largely in partially used barrels in order to take on subtle levels of oak tannins, this highly characterful cognac reveals balanced aromas of light tobacco, fresh vanilla and cinnamon, all coming together with a seamless perfection. ​ With is beautifully rounded style, Hennessy V.S.O.P is the perfect example of a completely harmonious cognac.

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