Henry Mckenna

Henry McKenna 10yr Single Barrel Bourbon 750ml

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The Bottled in Bond Act of 1897 was established to ensure the quality standards and authenticity of American spirits. An elite group of producers proudly bore this mark to differentiate themselves from the pack of bootleggers and cheap swill that had been flooding the market. Still on the books and as much of a guarantee of quality as ever, Heaven Hill has the majority of the dozen or so bottled and bond products left in the market in their stable. Henry McKenna is the oldest example of bottled in bond in the world. Aged for ten years (well above the four year minimum) and bottled one barrel at a time, one taste is all you need to be convinced. The aromas are strong and concentrated after all these years with big notes of acetone, red delicious apples, deep caramel, honey, butter, and pumpkin pie. It doesn't let up for a second. The palate is a bit oakier with some clear barrel char coming through with additional flavors of clover honey, apple skins, cocoa, and cinnamon stick. Reminds us of a misty autumn day with fallen leaves underfoot. This is pure thoroughbred bourbon from start to finish.