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Jefferson’s Ocean Aged At Sea Double Barrel Rye Voyage 26

Jefferson’s Ocean Aged At Sea Double Barrel Rye Voyage 26


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The newest member of the Jefferson’s, Jefferson’s Ocean Aged at Sea® Rye Whiskey blends the bold flavor of rye with the rich caramelization that comes from the sea-aging process.

Our Ocean Aged at Sea® Rye Whiskey is aged in both new char and toasted barrels before being placed on ships that travel the sea. In addition to this unique aging process, the whiskey is non-chill filtered to bring an even fuller flavor profile.

Jefferson’s Ocean: Aged at Sea – A boat is a singularly uncommon place to age bourbon whiskey. But when inspiration struck Trey Zoeller on the deck of his friend Chris Fischer’s research ship, he couldn’t help but imagine the possibilities. While watching Jefferson’s Reserve bourbon rock gently in its bottle, Trey and Chris wondered what would happen to bourbon aged on the bow of a ship. How would the constant agitation of the sea affect the aging process of Jefferson’s bourbon whiskey? Three years later, they got their answer: the constant agitation and changing climate imparted a sweet, caramelized flavor reminiscent of dark rum, while the salty ocean air and sea spray gave the bourbon the savory, briny character of an Islay Scotch whiskey.

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