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Johnnie Walker

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Elusive Umami

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Elusive Umami

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Johnnie Walker Blue Label Elusive Umami Limited Edition: A Symphony of Savory and Sweet (43% Alc./Vol)

Embark on a flavor odyssey unlike any other with Johnnie Walker Blue Label Elusive Umami Limited Edition. This exceptional whisky, inspired by the elusive and captivating umami taste profile, is a masterpiece of blending and a testament to Johnnie Walker's dedication to innovation.

Master Blender Emma Walker meticulously hand-selected rare casks from across Scotland's legendary distilleries. These casks, known for their unique umami characteristics, were then expertly blended to create a whisky that is both familiar and surprisingly complex.

The result? A whisky boasting a rich amber color hinting at the treasures within. The nose offers a captivating interplay of aromas, where sweet and savory notes dance in harmony. Blood oranges and red berries mingle with the subtle smokiness of Islay malts and a touch of salt and pepper.

The palate is a revelation. The initial sweetness of vanilla and caramel gives way to a warming presence of toasted oak and subtle hints of smoked meat. The elusive umami character emerges – a savory depth that lingers on the tongue and creates a truly unforgettable experience.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Elusive Umami Limited Edition is a perfect choice for:

  • Sipping neat: Savor the full complexity of the whisky and appreciate the intricate interplay of flavors.
  • Pairing with food: Explore the world of umami-forward cuisine and discover how this whisky enhances the flavors of your meal.

With only one in 25,000 casks achieving the elusive umami profile, this is a truly limited-edition release. Don't miss your chance to experience a groundbreaking innovation from the world's leading blended Scotch whisky brand.

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