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JuneShine Mango Daydream

JuneShine Mango Daydream


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Tropical Bliss in Every Sip

Experience the vibrant and juicy taste of JuneShine Mango Daydream, a refreshing hard kombucha that brings the tropical paradise to your palate. Each 12oz can bursts with the luscious flavor of ripe mangoes, perfectly balanced to create a delightful drinking experience. Whether you're lounging by the pool or hosting a summer BBQ, this flavorful beverage is your ticket to a blissful escape.

Crafted with Natural, Organic Ingredients

JuneShine is dedicated to using only the highest quality organic ingredients in their hard kombucha. Mango Daydream is crafted from organic tea, real mango juice, and natural probiotics, ensuring a beverage that is not only delicious but also good for your health. Free from artificial additives and preservatives, this hard kombucha offers a clean, refreshing taste that supports your wellness goals. Indulge in a drink that's as pure as it is flavorful.

Perfect for Active and Social Lifestyles

JuneShine Mango Daydream fits seamlessly into any lifestyle. With its low-calorie and gluten-free formulation, this hard kombucha is an excellent alternative to traditional alcoholic beverages. Whether you're an active individual seeking a healthier drink option or someone who loves to entertain, this 6-pack is designed for convenience and enjoyment. Relish the natural effervescence and mild buzz from its balanced alcohol content, making every occasion special with JuneShine.

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