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Laughing Glass Cocktails

Laughing Glass Picyrita Ancho Chili & Pineapple Cocktail

Laughing Glass Picyrita Ancho Chili & Pineapple Cocktail

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We looked and we tasted, and nothing on the shelves met our standards. So what did we do? First we agreed that that “low calorie” shouldn’t have to be “low taste,” or “low quality” for that matter. Next, we set out to create cocktails without compromise – using the best all-natural ingredients, super premium spirits and nothing artificial. Put simply, we don’t do phony.

We all share a love of getting friends together, making it meaningful, laughing a lot, and enjoying ourselves to the fullest. We encourage those all too rare moments when a bout of giggling hilarity can uplift and truly cleanse the soul – making everything feel lighter and brighter. In fact, we don’t just encourage it – it is our reason for being!

LGC is all about friendships – those enigmatic entangle-ments that start with a spark and often defy explanation. Some are sweet, some are spicy; some may take a little work, or be as effortless as breathing. Whatever the case, here’s to those people who truly make us laugh out loud; to those who make us feel smarter, funnier and more gorgeous every time they’re around; to those people in our lives who have hearts as big as houses and always a smile to match. You know who you are.

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