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Leopold Bros

Leopold Bros Three Chamber Rye Whiskey Collectors Edition

Leopold Bros Three Chamber Rye Whiskey Collectors Edition

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Leopold Bros. Three Chamber Rye Whiskey 2022 Release:

Journey back to the roots of American whiskey with Leopold Bros.'s Three Chamber Rye. This exceptional spirit is meticulously crafted using a historically accurate three-chamber still, painstakingly recreated from 19th-century designs.

Aged for at least 5 years, the 2022 release boasts a unique and complex flavor profile. Expect a captivating interplay of rich, spicy rye notes balanced by hints of sweetness and subtle fruitiness. The single barrel bottling ensures a truly unique and expressive experience with each sip.

Uncork a piece of American whiskey history and savor the distinctive character of Leopold Bros. Three Chamber Rye.

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