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Mezcal Burrito

Mezcal Burrito Fiestero Ancestral Castilla

Mezcal Burrito Fiestero Ancestral Castilla

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Found on the lower areas of El Mezquital, Durango, Wild and scares, this huge maguey has very long and narrow leaves, with a green color. It has a 2 to 3.5m diameter and 1.5 to 2m height, delivering piñas that weigh 120kg in average.

Alcohol Vol: 50.2%

M.Mezcalero: Juan Conde

Village: Pino Suárez, Durango

Agave: Castilla (14-16 years old)

Grind: Axe

Still: Clay & Wood (viejo)

Water Source: Natural Spring

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