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Ohishi Whisky Islay Single Cask #1453

Ohishi Whisky Islay Single Cask #1453

Ohishi Distillery

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Product Image May Vary. Ohishi Whisky is distilled entirely from rice and aged in either Brandy or Sherry Casks. To ensure the quality of the spirit, the Master Distiller utilizes 30% estate-grown rice for distillation with the remaining 70% coming from the surrounding Kumamoto prefecture. Weeds in the estate rice paddies are controlled by the employment of koi fish that swim about the grass and nibble the invasive plants.  Varieties of estate-grown rice include Hino hikari, Mori no kuma-san, Yamada Nishiki, Gohyaku Mangoku, and Gin no Sato.  Because of the rice’s efficient and subsequent clean fermentation, Ohishi uses a pot still made from stainless steel, as opposed to copper.

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