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Old Oak

Old Oak Premium Irish Whiskey

Old Oak Premium Irish Whiskey

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Old Oak Irish Whiskey by Jean-Claude Van Damme - Strength & Smoothness in Every Sip

Unleash the fighting spirit (responsibly) with Old Oak Irish Whiskey, co-owned by martial arts legend Jean-Claude Van Damme! This premium Irish whiskey embodies the same dedication and precision Van Damme brings to his craft.

Old Oak offers a range of expressions, each crafted with carefully selected Irish whiskey and aged to perfection in oak casks.

No matter your choice, Old Oak Irish Whiskey delivers a taste that is both strong and smooth, reflecting the spirit of its namesake.

Enjoy Old Oak neat, on the rocks, or in your favorite Irish whiskey cocktail. It's a perfect addition to your home bar and a conversation starter for any gathering.

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