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Peace Hard Tea More Peace More Lemon

Peace Hard Tea More Peace More Lemon

Peace Hard Tea

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Introducing Peace Hard Tea's More Peace More Lemon, a harmonious blend of invigorating black tea and zesty, sun-drenched lemons. Each sip transports you to a serene citrus grove, where the tantalizing aroma of ripe lemons fills the air. Our hard tea artfully combines the natural tartness of lemons with a touch of effervescence, offering a lively, thirst-quenching experience for those seeking a spirited twist on a beloved beverage.

At 5% ABV, More Peace More Lemon delivers the ideal balance of brightness and refreshment to elevate any social gathering. Our eco-friendly brewing process and commitment to using only high-quality, sustainably-sourced ingredients ensure you're relishing a guilt-free delight. So, gather your friends, unwind, and enjoy the taste of harmony with Peace Hard Tea's More Peace More Lemon. Cheers to life's most refreshing moments!

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