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R6 Vodka 1L

R6 Vodka 1L

R6 Distillery

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R6 Vodka has earned multiple accolades, including awards with the American Distilling Institute, Best of LA, and unanimous BEST VODKA in blind tastings against Tito’s, Kettle One, Grey Goose, Smirnoff, Absolut, and Skyy vodkas for flavor and mouthfeel.  Our non-GMO vodka is also naturally gluten free.

Our Non-GMO Vodka utilizes 100% non-GMO yellow corn for the mash and is distilled 20x in our German Kothe still.  But we’re not done there.  We carbon filter our vodka to strip any congeners and undesirable flavors after distillation, then add reverse osmosis water.  We again filter our vodka before bottling and delivering it to your bar or home.  R6 Vodka embodies an exceptionally clean vodka, whether you employ mixology or serve it neat.

Nose: Sweet

Palate: Smooth, Slight Grain/Corn

Finish: Balanced Pepper, No Aftertaste


Certified Craft – ADI
Best of L.A.
Silver – ADI & SFWSC
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