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Scottish Kings Highland Dry Gin

Scottish Kings Highland Dry Gin

Scottish Kings

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Just like the sensibilities of the farm-to-table movement in the U.S.A., Scottish Kings, an ultra-premium, limited-distribution gin, is distilled in small batches on a rural Highland farm using quality botanicals and the famously pure waters of Scotland.

Scottish Kings has one mission in mind: To create the most desirable gin in history while uniting those who value uncompromising quality, exquisite taste, and a gin as unique as its birthplace.

Many gins today are trying to be unique by being “forward something.” Scottish Kings is the ultimate classic gin rooted in London Dry tradition but with the advantages of hand-crafted processes in the remote Highlands. That’s why we call it Highland Dry.

Introduced in 2019, our gin has already received top awards in worldwide competitions. Receiving a Double Gold Medal (meaning a unanimous choice by all the judges) from the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, Scottish Kings Gin was called “among the finest products in the world.” Scottish Kings also won gold from the SIP Awards, and an “Exceptional” rating and a Gold Medal from The International Review of Spirits.

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