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Spirits of French Lick

Spirits of French Lick Lee W. Sinclair 4 Grain Bourbon

Spirits of French Lick Lee W. Sinclair 4 Grain Bourbon

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Lee W. Sinclair Bourbon is a 4 grain straight bourbon whiskey fermented at 85-90 degrees for four days from a mash of corn, oats, wheat and caramel malt using two distinct yeast varieties. The first yeast pulls out the grain profile and the second yeast pulls out fruity and nutty esters for distillation. The oats add a creamy mouth-feel to the profile and a sweet aroma while caramel malt, which is typically used for brewing, ads a layer of sweetened aroma over the base of the grains.

This bourbon is double pot distilled, and the cuts on the doubling run were made in a very clean manner to bring the grain and terroir out in this spirit. The emphasis is on retaining and concentrating the grain during distillation and balancing these elements with the barrel characteristics during maturation. We use number 2 charred New American Oak barrels, toasted prior to charring, and with toasted heads to provide lignin, caramel, and vanilla flavors.

We age the barrels in our Chai / Cellar at our distillery in West Baden, Indiana. Our facilities allow us to maintain temperatures that are substantially lower than a traditional rack-house in order to sustain the volatility of the base grains.

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