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Senju Brewing Co.

The Senju Shirabyoushi 12 Year Old Pure Malt Japanese Whisky

The Senju Shirabyoushi 12 Year Old Pure Malt Japanese Whisky

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Bottled by Senju Brewing Co.

Senju Brewing Co., Ltd. is a Japanese company that specializes in the production of sake, a traditional Japanese alcoholic beverage made from fermented rice. The company was established in 1751 and is based in the city of Takayama in the Gifu prefecture of Japan.

Senju Brewing Co. is known for producing high-quality sake using traditional methods that have been passed down through generations. They use locally sourced rice, as well as water from the Hida mountain range, which is said to be ideal for sake brewing due to its purity and mineral content.

Senju Brewing Co. has won several awards for their sake, including a gold medal at the International Wine Challenge in London and a silver medal at the Kura Master sake competition in France. The company continues to innovate and experiment with new brewing techniques while staying true to their traditional roots, ensuring that their sake remains among the best in Japan.

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