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Timberline Vodka

Timberline Vodka

Timberline Vodka

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TIMBERLINE IS NOT JUST INSPIRED BY THE OUTDOORS, IT’S MADE FROM IT. Distilled from a unique blend of grain, Pacific Northwest apples, and glacier-fed spring water from Mt. Hood, this vodka has been realized perfectly with the expertise of our distillation team who bring their depth of knowledge, talent, and skills to create a product that naturally lives up to the vision.

Distilled at the highest standards with 46 levels of purification, Timberline Vodka is made in our dual-column, 2,000-liter pot still. Our expert distillers perfected the balance, adding just enough apple for a richness not found in other vodkas – sweet on the onset, mineral and crystalline in the middle, and clean on the finish.

Timberline has been awarded the Double Gold medal from the 2021 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. It is an honor to receive this recognition from the oldest and largest spirits competition in the U.S.

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