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Tom Bullock's

Tom Bullock's Burnt Orange Bourbon

Tom Bullock's Burnt Orange Bourbon

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Tom Bullock may have been the finest bartender to ever practice the art of mixology. In 1917 he became the first African American to write a cocktail book, The Ideal Bartender. It is a book that is still used by mixologists and cocktail lovers today. Tom Bullock is said to have helped create and popularize many cocktails including the Old Fashioned.

Tom Bullock was a trailblazer in the art of cocktails. He made a name for himself at Louisville’s Pendennis Club and then St. Louis Country Club. Mixing for everyone right up to and including President Teddy Roosevelt.

This Bourbon is dedicated to burnt oranges and hints of vanilla and the soft spice that lingers after each sip.

It's dedicated to leather barstools, and cigar charred bars, to drinking lightly or briskly or however a person sees fit. To toasting with intelligence and insight and generosity, and to sharing with friends in the drinks you can’t forget.

Henderson Spirits Group is a 100% Black Owned Business on a mission to “Diversify the Bar!"

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