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Traveller Blend No. 40 Whiskey by Chris Stapleton

Traveller Blend No. 40 Whiskey by Chris Stapleton

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Uncork a symphony of flavors with Traveller Blend No. 40, a limited-edition whiskey by Chris Stapleton. This exclusive blend harmonizes the rich history of whiskey-making with a modern twist, reflecting Chris's soulful spirit in every sip.

Aroma: Deep oak, hints of vanilla, and a whisper of smoke entice your senses, setting the stage for a captivating journey.

Palate: A touch of sweetness leads to a complex melody of spice, toasted nut, and oak flavors, culminating in a robust and satisfying finish.

More than just a drink, Traveller Blend No. 40 is an experience. Savor it neat or on the rocks, and let the music of its flavors resonate with your soul.

Tasting Notes: Complex aromas of vanilla, aged fruit, and buttery shortbread rounded off by caramel and a touch of oak. The palate has just a touch of sweetness, followed by spice, toasted nut and oak flavors, with a robust finish.

Limited-edition, crafted with passion. Raise a glass to the moments that matter with Traveller Blend No. 40.

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